About Me

Jesse McCrosky

Senior Data Scientist at Mozilla

Canadian by birth; now based in Helsinki, Finland

I write here about data science, with a focus on data ethics.

“Wrong, but useful” refers to the (mis)quotation “all models are wrong, but some models are useful” by the statistician George Box.  This suggests interest in philosophy (what can we truly know about the world?) and also pragmatism (even a flawed understanding can be powerful).

Turning around, we find “useful, but wrong”.  Data science can be useful and affect our lives.  But this impact may not always be positive, and any application of data science can be evaluated ethically.

Data Science is changing our world.  These changes can be too fast to keep up with.  It’s important that as professionals and as a broader society, we have conversations about what kind of world we want to live in, and how technology can take us closer or further from there.

You can reach me through the contact form on this site or find me on social media.